Gloposis 1.7

See your position on an internet powered map

Gloposis network is real-time GPS-GPRS Internet navigation, GPS tracking and position exchange system for Windows PCs and Mobile PocketPC devices. You can use your PocketPC to post your position in real-time to Gloposis server and view it on interactive world map from any computer throught web browser interface without any additional software on computer. The PocketPC software is optimized for slow speed GPRS connection and consumes a very low traffic to reduce network costs.

Features of Gloposis include:

  • Show your GPS position to any user of Gloposis
  • Find closest people around your GPS position
  • Track people, cars, trains and every object with Gloposis PocketPC software
  • Send instant messages to Gloposis users
  • View GPS positions on interactive world map

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Gloposis 1.7